Sellon arrives at New Vestroia and changes into her true Neathian form. He had been using Dragonoid Destroyer as a vessel to speak to them. Chizome no Kesshousen Kyojin no Hoshi: He is later taken by Marucho who tries to cheer him up, to one of his family’s hydroelectric plants. Meanwhile Marucho and Shun were talking about Dan and Runo. Having both the Gate and the Key, Mag Mel is very close to his resurrection.

Sword Art Online Alicization. Dan later has a vision which is true about Gundalia being attacked by Mag Mel who is now free. Then they attempt to fly up a cliff, but the strong wind pushes them down. After they are done, Shun leaves, while Jaakor stays to meditate. Elsewhere, Sellon is seen contacting Mag Mel and informing him about the Capture the Flag challenge and he thinks that the Chaos Energy produced will be massive and he will be able to break out of his prison. However, they are the ones to get attacked by surprise from the sky. Dan, however, disagrees and says he will get Drago’s powers under control, but secretly, he’s extremely nervous about the amount of power Drago unleashed and decides to go and train to get Drago’s powers under control.

On June 6,Spin Master announced on Bakugan. Ike Ike Hyuuma Kyojin no Hoshi: Dan and Drago then receive power from the gate and key while Razenoid blasts Drago. Then they attempt to fly up a cliff, but the strong wind pushes them down. He knew Shun would attract many Brawlers so there would be fewer people to brawl. List of Baku Tech! Meanwhile Anubias scolds Ben for challenging Dan to which he replies that he is tired of fighting weak battlers. The Brawlers leave Interspace and reflect on the state of Bakugan Interspace.

The Italian Adventure — Cardfight!!

Bakugan The Video Game Episode 21

List of figures Game Anime. Drago tries but fails, leaving the Brawlers realizing that they are in serious trouble. List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers episodes. Once his story was over, Mira announced that she made duplicates of the Battle Suits Wiseman stole. Shun watches them, and comments that Marucho’s plan was right all the time. Not only that, but some new enemy called Wiseman has appeared with ancient Bakugan called the Nonets. Rafe then asks what is the Gate and Key and Drago say that their not really sure themselves.


To make matters worse, Dan and Drago continuously suffer from visions sent to them by Mag Mel and Razenoid. He tells them that he is proud of Dan, Drago, and the other humans for getting along so well with the Bakugan and being able to spawn Mechtogan.

Gunz Lazar and the Nonets are angry with Mechtavius Destroyer for robbing them of their revenge against Drago. Dan later leaves after Marucho yelled at him and Shun also leaves talking to Taylean about Dan and he bangs a wall.

The Brawlers destroy each of the three Dimension Controllers that keep the Bakugan in their ball form, liberating New Vestroia. Gunz and Reptak have created a new Mechtogan, Chromopod. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

List of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge episodes – Wikipedia

Retrieved June 10, That night, in Dan’s house which is located in Bayview, he sees a vision of Gundalian Soldiers trying to hold off the Chaos Bakugan.

Later that night, Runo, Mira, and Kato comfort Dan, Marucho, and Shun, bringing the trio back together in the process. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Ejglish two disagree but then they are mehctanium by Jack.

All the Brawlers forgive the differences with Dan who begins to battle against Mag Mel. Mag Mel is then seen talking to Anubias about the whereabouts of Dan and Drago and it would never occur to him that they were at New Vestroia, the home of all Bakugan.

Unfortunately, Dragonoid Destroyer isn’t powerful enough to defeat Mechtavius Destroyer this time, so Mechtavius Destroyer focus all of his energy into a final blow and apparently defeats Dragonoid Destroyer, draining all his remaining zurge.

Dan offers to go with them to Gundalia, but she and the Brawlers say no; however, Dan said he has to go because he’s the original brawler and this fight involves him too.

The Mechtogan overwhelm the fub so Dan and Drago share their powers with the others and to make them summon their own Mechtogan: Julie, Mira, and other spectators are seen cheering for Dan who then uses his powers with Drago to spawn Dragonoid Destroyer.

Private Eye in the Distant Sea Lupin the 3rd vs. Marucho tries to convince Paige and Rafe to try to not battle as much in the competition, but they take that as an insult and they leave angrily.


He then fights against Smasheon and Venexus. Mag Mel retaliates by not only summoning mechtnium Razen Titans but also arrives with the evolved Razenoid too.

Bakugan the video game episode 21

Meanwhile Marucho and Shun were talking about Dan and Runo. Later, when Dan says to Drago that he should finish it, Drago summons Mechtogan Zenthon but Marucho and Shun were worried that Zenthon might destroy the place and also the Brawlers too. Team Anubias then shows the Brawlers that they managed to round up the remaining battlers into a room.

As the current is about to get very strong, the Brawlers’ memories were seen, including Betadron, who sees the fate of the Nonets when they were crushed by Mechtavius Destroyer.

Marucho is right and someone appears in the Dimension Portal. Team Anubias just stays there with Noah.

He also realizes that they were trying to help him. Mag Mel is then seen getting massive amounts of Chaos Energy.

During the rain in Bakugan Interspace, there is a shadow of a weakened Sellon hobbling. Dan says that he has learnt some surhe over the past few years. Mechtavius Destroyer then fires a strong englush at Gunz and Reptak, but at that same moment, Reptak spawns a Mechtogan: Radizen then fuses with Roxtor and is able to defeat them in battle. After a long battle, Wiseman had enough energy, and revealed his true identity, Coredegon. The Battle Brawlers then say they have to go and Nurzak and Queen Fabia say if they need any help from Gundalia or Neathia just come and ask.

Soon and Chris explain what happened but the Brawlers say that she can’t be trusted and they begin to argue with them. Dan agrees and suggests that they should to take down the Chaos Bakugan twice as fast so they can find Mag Mel. Takayuki Negishi Neil Parfitt.