What I have heard is that Jackson will wrap up “The Lovely Bones” with a nice bow and then turn around to Steven Spielberg and say that he cannot take the reins of Tintin until the third iteration. But all we’re having now is thoughts, not going out to anybody presently. Slow moving productions at the initial several weeks of shooting definitely hinted at trouble brewing and this more than likely contributed to the rescheduling. One of my sources has indicated that Peter Jackson and New Line have a new agreement in principal that forgives past transgressions in favor of a better deal for “The Hobbit”. The daughter would be emancipated soon, and I’d use her again in a second, but not as long as the mom’s around. Cameron himself said on December 3rd:. It’s a combo of live and performance capture and a whole lot of Weta CGI. Check out what they can do with normal two dimensional photos!

It is great to hear he is aboard. If he screws up “The Hobbit” by hiring a figurehead Director who is torn between his own vision and that of the Overlord Producer – thats whats gonna happen! Any stories to share? John Rupkalvis was hired years ago by Dan Symmes as Dan’s assistant. The animation in this film is striking and of course by adding in that third dimension we are really going to be in for a treat. Ron is in “The Dark Country” as well. Will it follow in the isolated and brutal mold of the “Hostel” series? We consider the task of 3-d depth estimation from a single still image.

Ok – I lined up an interview with the Producer of Scar 3D, Norman Vvita and he has some very interesting things to say about the movie, the 3D process and things along the way!

Jane is a smart guyand I’m sure he researched well. As previously postedMake3D is developing some very cool technology in generating 3D from 2D images.


Normally I trust them without question. Monday, December 24, Blender 3D: It was Cameron who has the vision of linking gaming environments and movie environments! Contributors Jim Dorey Tim Buttner. I will post more when I get it. So while 2D theaters are reverting back to say the upcoming “I am Legend”, the 3D theaters are still bashing Grendel’s eardrum.

Angela Bettis is not only, in my opinion, one of the b est, most underrated actresses around, but also just a sensational person.

Norman Twain is the producer of Scar 3D and I had the opportunity to discuss the movie with him as well as details on his 3D technology and upcoming projects: We wouldn’t even talk to her connections.

What can you tell me about the hurtles that you had to jump in order to get this project made? I have always been interested in 3D and bringing the movie-going experience much closer to reality. Zemeckis is the name I heard! Since neither my director or writers or me are her best friends, we’ll never see Ms. Sunday, December 16, Partial Confirmation: Were there any other actors attached at some point that didn’t stick?

When do you go to shooting? These links onetwothree will take you to 3D anaglyph movies which look fine even without the old style red and blue cardboard 3D glasses use ’em if ya got ’em! Jed Weintrob, my director, was no slouch either, and his knowledge was very helpful.

I will say that Weta is different from other special effects companies. For a full listing of all 3D movies rumored, planned, in production or in theaters – click here. I first met him at the local L. Thanks to Campbell and William: Hope to hear more from my “Star Trek” friend real soon! Aside from the potential shuffling of the pecking order of Tintin, each iteration will only take about 30 days of shooting and the rest would be post-production.

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Now add in the world’s most advanced 3D technology. Ok, now that I have said my piece – good luck with the production Stereo Vision!


Its gotta be a perfect duo of movies and nobody can do it better than the man himself. What was it like working with Angela Bettis, Christopher Titus and the rest of the cast?

He will NOT play the lead role of Coibmra however. The hurdles were comparatively simple, because candidly we didn’t know what the hurdles were. It’s a combo of live and performance capture and a whole lot of Weta CGI. Quite the soap opera we’ve got going here. Why did he wait until now or rather this past Thursday to file? Avenida Bosque Alto, 5a.

You mentioned that you have another exciting 3D project coming up that is still zoon – a thriller about a group of teenagers that find themselves trapped in cinrma deserted and now underground Eastern European factory who are being pursued by a character called “The Hunter”.

We’re on the same page. Here are some videos of the technology in action.

Needless to say I am acting quickly to ensure the veracity of the post with the CBC. I knew I’d get to use that graphic again Look for a source update on Avatar with the next post!

The Hobbit must not fail. Am I going to be getting a copy of this game? You’re not the typical audience, but more of a professionally-oriented 3D audience. BB SVSNcan take advantage of all the new 3D theater conversions when they are not being used for the major studios tentpole releases.