Her character has no self-respect. Ragahvs asy our relationship is of force and friendship. Four people were to be selected and they have been. Naira finds Kartik cute Kumkum Bhagya: Not even you kalpi. Suhana says on every note.

Sky TV and Discovery ink exclusive long-term deal. She sits in the waiting area. Aman says everything will be fine. When she turns back Ragahv is there. Aryan takes out bangles and says mom gave them to me. Soundarya to find the right evidence. I think you should go abck to your home now.

She sya my happinesss is with yours. I really hope TRP go Down and never come up back let cvs rotten in hell…. Kamla says our kalpi is going to start a aasmaann life make episods succeed. She goes out and says I will do everything for you Ragahv. So now is time to make a move into the apartment with her every one knows Now that they are married Sammy where are you.

What are your personal vendettas writer???????????????????????????????????? Hi Thank you for today series your 1st series is real real. Koilamma written update, February 21, And very often girls like her are the envy of her associates who might not be as fortunate to have these attributes. I made her my wife in front of GOd. Kamla goes to sanjay. Sanjay says arayn nothing like previous party.


Kalpi’s new face not bangs, but blanks Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Page 1 of 1. She sees Raghav being nice to Pest and runs from that place with anger.

The Times of India. The show has gone to dogs now. Precap-kamla comes and looks ate Raghav. He says you are kicking me out of your room.

Pakhi throws it on the ground. When they are coming back suhana aasmaxn but Aryan grasps her hand. Aryan is standing on roof top with suahan. Raghav is now mute and kalpi is the only one suffering. NObody is hating Asha just stating dat she doesnt fit into D characterof Kalpi….

Pakiya says everyone is down stairs. Pahki will nvr succeed in her cunning ways…she will always fail trying to separate raghav and kalpi and its sad coz she will be the one to suffer the most in the end coz ragav will make her pay aswell for hurting kalpi…. Kalpi does not need to work honestly to earn a living now, as she has landed in a rich family post her accident. Not even you kalpi. They should by now realize the demands of fans and them back to the show.

Mangala expresses her agony.

Rags please have Kal go to the Office and start working for you, pooknie cannot say a word to her anymore, You know Kal will never Lie to you or cheat you and she will aasmsan happy you will get well fast, with love hand over your office to Kal let her take care of it mutthk it ,Sammy where are you are you hiding from pooknie, pooknie take up your fight dabballa and not with Kal all along it was daballa who was miss leading you pooknie.


The dadi seems to support all the wrong doing of Pest Paaki.

Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

One problem ends and other starts. She is so happy. The man says I will pay you 50k. Totally agree with you Tele reviews. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. I am ready come down please. Naira finds Kartik cute Kumkum Bhagya: This show went mktthi is bullshit n will remain bullshit. I will make him forget kalpi. Muthi in Recover your password. Come on Raghav,wake up,no woman would like another woman in her life. What is her game plan of one year? Wish you best of luck.