Message Posted 3 Jan by tullio Post: None of this quantum stuff makes any sense to me. Elm sokakta porno filmi. Download the free version, watch a game video, view screen shots, and more. Italian cafe Message Posted 20 days ago by tullio Post: Expedition 57 has returned to Earth from ISS.

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I drink coffee every day with a Moka “caffettiera” which makes a good Espresso. They cost about million dollars each. Astronomers find evidence of dark matter and dark energy. It is running Leap Message Posted 22 Sep by tullio Post: Message Posted 8 Oct by tullio Post: I am now drinking Colombia coffee. There is another approach, that of Inertial confinement which consists in bombarding a pellet containing deuterium and tritium with hundreds of laser beams.


As soon as I get an online copy of “Nature” with more information I shall return to the subject. But everyone of them believed in a different God, not always the God of the Bible.

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Message Posted 24 Sep by tullio Post: In my humble opinion all nuclear warheads should be dismantled and the fissile material contained in them used as a fuel of fission reactors, which are still needed to avoid global warming until a working fusion reactor is finally built.

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Cinema Castrovillari

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Tullio I have 19 ghost tasks not downloaded on my main Linux box on November Colombano argument to pay more attention to UFOs is not illogical. He spoke good English.

It cost me euros. I have a Laurea in Theoretical Physics but what is it in Anglosaxon terms?

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