With 3 copies of TGTBT , each potentially provides an opportunity to tag a runner who is desperately trying to avoid tags, Score them: The process of the card text is “interrupted. My call would be for Archives, since game-removal conditions are usually explicit. Play Snatch n Grab. Even with the tempo hit of clearing the tag, it still may be a net positive for the runner. I blame too much playing of Magic for confusing me. That last part is probably well designed, because Shaper really needs more support to make it good. Punitive Counterstrike may be able to strike the final blow the a runner thinking that clearing tags makes oneself safe.

I understand it prevents “when you access Punish with tags if runner goes Tag-Me: Strange haircuts, fabulous glasses, guns But to go back to the beginning – that’s not really the point. Leave a comment in the comment box explaining how it could all go wrong. Thanks for the question. Arguably two of the most prevalent competitive corp decks right now depend on their agendas being either self protecting or punishing when the opponent steals. Regarding Film Critic, I still support Python’s reading.

There are weaknesses to exploit but they require a shift in corp lists that hasnt happened yet. Sign in Already have an account?

Nobody can say for sure, but it is somewhat polarising. From a game design standpoint I do not like it. Because simultaneous effects are resolved in the order of the active player’s choosing, runners can host agendas on Film Critic before any “on access” or “when stolen” effects trigger.

I’m not speaking from conviction just saying how I perceive it to be. Go To Topic Listing Android: Be it that guy who keeps telling you about the video series he’d been watching lately, or a kid who goes on without a stop about Netrunner wink!

Film Critic ignores any ‘on access’ effects.

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For Fetal AI, it shuts down the 2 credits to steal which fires from anywhere. Entertainment Unleashed any copies of TGTBT will be accessed and therefore generously giving tags regardless of whether they are stolen or not only 1 agenda would be criticc in such a scenario. I agree that AP’s argument is perfectly rational.


Missed the most awesome and the most obvious combo: FIlm Critic also has the advantage of allowing you to “have” agendas that do not count towards your score. It’s a card that directly critlc a number of entrunner when it hits the board, turning entire strategies on their head.

Imp and Demolition Run are not “when accessed” effects any more than trashing or stealing is, which is why they happen after “when accessed” effects have resolved.

Deal out some meat: Is Film Critic really a counter? However, it suffers from the fact that it can only be found by drawing, or by using Hostagewhich is reasonably rare. Might sound like a stretch, but look at this! Film Ceitic says “Whenever you access an Agenda. It’s an obviously useful effect, but it is entirely meta dependent and it does charge a nettrunner tempo tax. Check out the Android: I will skip the NBN analysis – anyway the Corp will be more annoyed that the “stolen agenda” conditions will be evaded which we all agree is the intent of FC.

So, I’ll just put this here: The weird lady with a screenplay-writing gerbil has been around for a while and we still can’t criitic how the heck this card was supposed to work flavor-wise. If you’re rich enough, you’ll put so many tags on the runner that its either a race for them to clear the tags or you to get your kill cards. Film Critic represents one of the most significant forced meta shifts crigic the game, on par with Plascrete Carapace and Clot.

Punish with tags immediately: How will corps respond to this?

Giving points away to the runner for free certainly raises the risk of losing the game later No Tag-Me: But if the Film Critic is trashed, the hosted card is also trashed to it’s place of origin. Arguably two of the most prevalent competitive corp decks right now depend on their agendas being either self protecting or punishing when the opponent steals.


The agenda is still accessed, right? Drawing it late is horrible. What better way to show the runner your appreciation than to give a tag for free but avoid burdening him or her with an agenda!

The text you quoted is correct, but it is directed at non-access situations. Already have an account? I’ve been playing Butcher Shop, which this card pretty much destroys. Now they’re trying to murder me.

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Sits all day in their mom’s basement and just watches movies. It would certainly save me a lot of time! I got a response from Lukas on this I simply referred him to the thread. Make you a deal, for every day that you write a review for an un-reviewed card, I’ll take the day off and just read your review instead. The Agenda is hosted and not installed, so it should bounce to Archives, and Jackson Howard can have his own private war with the film critics. It puts in enough work in non-Film-Critic situations that the extra utility should usually be worth more than what you give up against Future Perfect.

The text on Demo Run is particularly direct: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Restricted Standard MWL 3. With Strongbox, he will access this agenda and get a tag, but without a click to spare, he won’t steal it.

Film Critic

Blue Sun kill decks are somewhat resilient netrunnr Film Critic, depending on how they go about their kill. Already had film critic planned in for Midseasons etc, realised it was an ideal way to dodge tags and could take the plascrete slots. April called, they would like their butthurt back.