Retrieved March 6, It was followed by a second series by Lerche starting in July , Re: During their Jobs, Nice finds similarities in the working of several crimes he investigates and the existence of non-innate Minimum Holders; people who possess a Minimum but where not born with it. While the elements of mystery have been praised, the themes and animation have been less well received. Retrieved May 15, A manga series, Hamatora:

Retrieved January 2, The culprit is Moral, a former professor from the Facultas Academy who wishes to give everybody Minimums in order to achieve equality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on January 2, The Animation was announced in the 50th issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine. Hamatora [20] Unlike the first season, it will be produced at Studio Lerche. As Nice defeats Moral, the murderer is killed by a resurrected Art. Retrieved March 2,

Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia. Not to be confused with Hamtaro. Views Read Edit View history.

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Retrieved November 29, Retrieved February 15, After discovering Moral took Art’s face, Nice confronts him in person to get revenge for his best friend’s death. Due to Nice both being a genius and a prodigy, Murasaki, the second highest ranked graduate from Falcutase, is tasked with the mission of bringing Nice back to Falcultas by any means necessary. It was made so that newcomers to the franchise will have access hamatoda it.

Eternal Summer 03 Subtitle Indonesia. The music of the Hamatora anime is composed by Makoto Yoshimori. The anime ended on March 25, with a “To Be Continued” sign.


The existence of minimums and minimum holders is hamarora extremely confidential and secretive from the general population of the world. Archived from the original on January 8, July 18, [15]. Archived from the original on September 26, This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat In the week that follows, It is then revealed that Shizuku survived and faked her death so that she and Sayuri can live a new life sib fearing her Minimum or Falcultas and the Mafia Family.

As Murasaki observes Nice on his jobs though, Murasaki finds himself assisting Nice and comes to see the potential Nice actually possesses as well as acknowledging his genius.

A graduate aub the Facultas Academy gets the mission of making its top graduated member Nice return to them.

Anime Hamatora The Animation Subtitle Indonesia

The cover of the first Hamatora: Studio Hibari Larx Entertainment. Anime and Manga portal. Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia. Retrieved Episoe 9, While the elements of mystery have been praised, the themes and animation have been less well received.

These Facultas students have developed supernatural abilities known as Minimums and Nice demonstrates his one when capturing a pervert stalking his client during his detective business, Hamatora.

Zero 05 Subtitle Indonesia.

Retrieved May 10, Ren Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia. Ren Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. The two face off in a ship that Moral is using to perform terrorist attacks on non-Minimum Holders. In the next case, Nice is hired to rescue the Minimum Holder Shizuku from a group of kidnappers. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Ren Episode 12 Subtitle Indonesia [Final].


Set in a port town of Kobethe protagonist is a transfer student named Souken who awakens his own Minimum and starts participating in fights against other students. The events of Hamatora The Comic takes place in the yearwith Nice having left Falcutas skb early in his first senior year.

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His heart had been transplanted by Moral years ago during an incident. Retrieved March 6, Hamatoar has since left Falcultas and has joined Nice as a Hamatora P. Zero 10 Subtitle Indonesia. Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia.

The story of Hamatora revolves around a year-old teenager called Nice, who runs a private investigation agency called ‘Hamatora’ in Yokohama, Japan with his partners Hajime and later, Murasaki. Retrieved February 27, A manga series, Hamatora: The project was composed by Yukinori Kitajima. Hamatora Assassination Classroom the Movie: In the next day, the official Hamatora Twitter account posted that the Hamatora project was still ongoing.

Zero 01 Subtitle Indonesia. Despite praising the threat Moral poses to Nice due to how he is a foil, Eisenbeis criticized some of the dark parts from the series as hamarora as its anticlimatic finale. The soundtrack music is composed by Makoto Yoshimori.

He noted fans of the X-Men might enjoy the series. Retrieved July 1,