In addition, Delphine will walk up and demand that you kill Paarthurnax , if the quest hasn’t already been given. Scoring System Details further explains the scoring system and the negotiation options, for those interested in a more thorough understanding of the quest. My job is to quell this rebellion, and I intend to do just that, dragons or no dragons. With an exchange of holds now on the table, the two sides of the negotiation take stock. The demand is that they be given a major hold. Try setting the stage to , but PLEASE backup your saves before you do console command work just in case it makes it worse. Despite saying the quest is completed, everyone just keeps talking, as though Ulfric were still there. I even tried “setstage mq 60” but still, everyone just stood there.

Before Ulfric sits down at the council table, he insists that the Thalmor representative, Elenwen , be removed. Either Tullius or Ulfric depending upon your affiliation will ask you to decide what should be done. But she is to observe, nothing more. Don’t hand me a mug of sheep’s piss and call it Colovian brandy. The other side thinks the demand is outrageous, but eventually gives in to the request. XD Do you have the unoffical patches installed? If the deal is even, neither side will stand up and issue this warning that they will leave, with Esbern’s speech being preceded by other arguments.

Besides the Greybeards, the attendees consist of:. Just sit at end of table, there will be some bantering but usually they get seated. I thought we were here to discuss a truce! Most of the parties will head back to their respective cities, but the Greybeards, the Blades, and the faction currently controlling Whiterun, the Empire if neutral will ssit to talk with you about how to proceed with trapping a dragon, thus automatically leading back to the quest The Fallen.

Even if the civil war has started, these holds are guaranteed to have their original affiliation: Tullius begins negotiations by demanding that Riften and its hold, the Rift be given to the Imperials.


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Furthermore, only minor uneneing that have not previously been traded in the negotiations are available — the minor hold if traded at phase one is never offered. Tullius needs to know I won’t be pushed around. She’s supposed to be on our side? So, you’ve done it.

If the treaty is neutral, they will be “disappointed,” believing that “You gave too much away. Also, and forgive me for stating the obvious, but are you sure sewson sitting in the right seat? Even now, he devours the souls of your fallen comrades!

Nazenn – would it be worth trying to setstage to 60 take your seat completed – or is that 50? But she is to observe, nothing more.

Stuck at table in ‘Season Unending’ in High Hrothgar

If the score is greater than zero, the treaty favors the Imperials, and the Stormcloaks will ask for more concessions if possible.

You can then sit down and move on. Don’t hand me a mug of sheep’s piss and call it Colovian brandy. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Even after everyone sits down, there are more delays, with a short speech from the side that is not in control of Whiterun emphasizing their reluctance to be participating in these truce negotiations.

In particular, each hold has a different set of dialogues detailing the advantages to controlling that hold.

The end result of the negotiations is always that the two sides the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks exchange control over one or more holds — the government most notably the governing Jarl in any exchanged hold is replaced. You wouldn’t have called this council if you didn’t agree. You saved the day, good guy OP who edits his own post with the solution even though nobody answered him. The major hold the other of the Reach or the Rift is always the choice that is favored by your side, and is immediately accepted.


Dec 6, Messages: Nov 12, Messages: Enjoy your petty victory.

Ulfric Stormcloak’s initial response to the Greybeards’ message: Occasionally the answer is something small like that, so I thought I’d mention it.

My men would never doen to such methods, even in retaliation for your butchery at Register now to participate using the ‘Sign Up’ button on the right.

XD Do you have the unoffical patches installed? He is with me. Markarth and The Reach are given to the Stormcloaks no choice. If you have joined that side’s faction you will receive as reward one leveled enchanted weapon. Talk to Ulfric Stormcloak. Sign up using Facebook.

If instead your side is left at st disadvantage, you are accused of betraying your side, but there are no permanent repercussions. Way better than having to skip everything. Tullius if compensation denied: Contents 1 Quick Walkthrough 2 Detailed Walkthrough 2. The reverse holds if the score is negative. Should your Speech skill be at least 75, you are able to convince your side unedning the minor hold has some small advantage. The scores associated with each choice in the negotiation are summarized in the tables in the following sections, for the Imperial happdns Stormcloak variants of the quest.

Tullius’ reasons for why Elenwen should stay: Probably too late to see if they fix this if they dont, as the bug might be stuck in your save now, but you should. Ulfric if compensation denied: Saintheartache Saintheartache 21 1 1 2.

Tullius’ initial response, specifically when warned about the dragon menace: I have the same problem this sucks If Elenwen stays, the dialogue is instead: Wish it wasn’t required but An update is coming out today for Skyrim on theperhaps it might fix your glitch.