Despite the frequent usage of the racial slur, the episode attracted very little media attention. Randy will try to get closer to the African American culture and he will be the “N-word guy”, now he is the discriminated and at one point he will meet the other “N-word guys” Michael Richards and some others. Cartman, seeing an opportunity to cause conflict, tries to get the two into a “Race War”. However, he is soon accosted by a gang of socially progressive rednecks who hunt “the nigger guy”. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: But when host Pat Sajak tells Randy that he has five seconds left, he reluctantly yells out ” niggers! Brent Bozell claimed that there was a lack of protest against this episode compared to radio host Don Imus ‘s comments about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, even challenging Flowers’ comments that the episode’s use of nigger was not intended to be racist, but in fact the theme of the episode was to argue against those who support civility.

Views Read Edit View history. They plumbed the depths of taste Prepare to be outraged The boys meet a new classmate, Gary, whose family are Mormons. Granted, it was much better then Mr. South Park Top

They do this, and Eric responds angrily, but when Dr. To be totally honest, I came on here just so I could find out who did that song so I could iTune it when I get home.

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I highly anticipate what Parker and Stone will do next with the show. Retrieved July 3, The episode starts out strong, but then starts winding down a long road e;isode mixed messages. Token Black voice B. Was this review helpful? For starters, Isaac Hayes — who played Chef — quit because of the mockery of his religion.

Top 25 South Park Episodes. Welcome to the all new southpark. As Cartman turns his back on Dr. R, T, S, L, and E. And he loses, the answer was naggers.


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It fpisode really “Naggers” but Randy says the N-word and as South Park mirrors real life, Stan’s dad becomes known as a guy who said the N-word on national TV just like Michael Richards who makes an appearance in this episode. Nelson comes out to scold him again, he breaks up in laughter again. However, he is soon accosted by a gang of socially progressive rednecks who hunt “the nigger guy”.

Nelson talks to Principal Victoria and Mr. I love this episode of South Park.

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Stan gets fed up with Token, and demands to know why he’s still angry. Usually when they stray from satire, they enter a whole world of trouble Garrison’s Vagina and Erection Day especially.

They plumbed the depths of taste Naggerz must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Stan’s dad becomes a social outcast for saying “the N-Word” on national television, but Michael Richards and Mark Furhman come to his rescue.

Retrieved April 11, He insists “Words are like bullets. I freakin love this show and I love this episode. Randy continues trying to redeem himself by founding a scholarship for blacks.

The episode received about 2. Stan thinks everything is okay now, but Token angrily states that “Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of black people! And Cartman has a run-in with a little-person teaching sensitivity training at the elementary school. Nelson announces to pqrk Cartman to prove his point, which is words shouldn’t hurt him, the two begin to wrestle wherein Cartman easily gets the upper hand.

Best South Park Episodes. The episode is airing live, with his family watching him from the audience and the South Park residents watching from home. The group Abolish the “N” Nagegrs, which is linked with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoplepraised the episode, calling it a good example of the word’s impact on individuals.


They criticize him for “slandering an entire race of people on Wheel of Fortune” and say “We don’t take kindly to social ignorance. At first the midget takes it in good humor but then gets really angry and decides to fight Cartman.

The school, in light of the recent events, hires a smart man and author suffering from dwarfism named Dr. This two-parter about a Family Guy episode that planned to make Muhammad a character, causing the entire US nation to fear terrorist reprisal, was built around a cliffhanger that was based in real life that formed part of the advertising for Cartoon Wars Part II: Nelson’s point was, but then Stan concludes that not knowing the point baseed the point. Mackey about Cartman, and epissode them to have him meet with him.

Nelson gives up after being pinned by Cartman, who forces him to submit by saying “Uncle” and “Carol Anne, don’t go into the light”. Stranger Sign in, buddy. Token is finally satisfied that Stan gets that he does not get it, thus creating an understanding between them. The boys meet a new classmate, Gary, whose family are Mormons. Best South Park Episodes. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson 07 Mar Nelson’s desire for sensitivity.

They subsequently found it easier to work on following comedian Michael Richards ‘ controversy, in which he screamed the slur at black audience members who had heckled him during his comedy act.