This site uses cookies. Maybe partly because it beats to the sound of A R Rahman’s evocative songs. Banras ki galiyan thi Posted on February 3, Aur ek hamara sharir tha jo hume chodd chuka tha. The characters dither, stray, falter and lose focus. It’s a brilliant defiant moment defining the contradictions and savage ironies of romantic associations.

But I will come back someday.. She turns his proposal down? Is love, then, only about giving and not expecting anything in return? To fall in love with some Zoya again! The dialogue is best felt if you see the video, but unfortunately there are no videos of it yet on youtube. The girl who is sitting besides me with those dead eyes, If she calls me, I swear to God I will come back!

He loves her to death. A new age love story in today’s free world!

Oast I look back on this deeply-satisfying film I search for flaws. And there was this body of mine which had already left me. Yeh kuch doctor the jo ab bhi is ummeed me the ki sayad murda phir se chal pade. To fall in love with some Zoya again!

Dhanush as the worshipping lover-boy lets his face become the map of his heart. Mivie who were still hoping that I could come to life again. He’ll do it again.

Par saala ab uthe kaun, kaun phir se mehnat karein dil lagane ko dil tudwane ko. And it’s their wedding day. To play damru on the shores of Ganga. Is love, then, only about giving and not expecting anything in return?


In a final voice over, a dying Kundan raanjhnaa about letting go.

All Famous Dialogues of Raanjhanaa Including Kundan’s Monologue

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All Famous Dialogues of Raanjhanaa Including Kundan’s Monologue

He speaks of the nature of love that continues, by saying that he can be born again and again in the same Benaras with the same surroundings, fall in love with a girl like Zoya again, and become a Raanjhanaa with her love.

Sonam and Dhanush shine in ‘Raanjhanaa’. Someone tell me to get up! But no, I am too tired now, not in the mood. Aur ek hamara sharir tha jo hume chodd chuka tha. Every performer including a bit-player like Rahul Shankliya whom the forlorn hero encounters at the river ghat, seems to have come into the picture knowing not only his or her own lines but everyone else’s as well.

There was this girl sitting besides me. The dialog goes as: He says he might have the desire to live again, if Zoya called out to him, but then again everything had become so tiring and he would rather let go and rest raanjhanaaa for dying. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your WordPress. Dhanush’s performance would go down in cinematic history as one of the most consistent and compelling portrayals of single-minded ardour.


In a born-again performance she sparkles and shines creating a raanjhsnaa of sunshine-girl who is so taken up with herself that she doesn’t get the chance to see what affect she has on the other until it’s too late. You can find the full movie on the below raanjbanaa, and then skip forward to the scene at nd minute.

Raanjhana Hindi Movie climax dialogue | Swapnil Patil Poetry Collection

Par uthenge kisi roj ussi Ganga kinare dambaru bajane ko. If Rai’s remarkable love tale seems so richly sublime and vibrant it’s partly because Sonam and Dhanush have submerged themselves into their characters until we see only their love.

The narrative never does.

This is not love as we see it in today’s day and age. Now we know why we fall never rise eaanjhanaa love. My man would never be spitting blood. Throughout Kundan’s self-destructive odyssey into the heart’s darkest regions we are made privy into his agony and ecstacy.

And I come up with one.