Ji tells Jin Ju that she never, ever forgot her. That makes sense too, even for a nun. Ji stays hidden and cries. Ji tells him that as long as the maps are on her body, she will be a target even after she is dead. After a teeny bit of awkward goodbyes, Dong Soo reaches over and hugs Jin Ju. Tears are welling up in my eyes just thinking about that hug scene again… Dangit.

Dong Soo finds Jin Ki in the courtyard and asks him where the Assassins headquarters is. OMG, Chun cannot die!!!! I loved Un is this even though he was in hardly 3 or 4 scenes. He asks if there is anything she needs him to do before they leave, and she says no, she is already dead. Jin Ki follows, and is horrified to find the dead Prince. I was a wreck all of ep. Wae Woon ah, waaaeeee????

But that was one unconventional declaration of love if any, that clever little moment before Jisun was stabbed. As the fire builds, even Ji wants to intervene.

He tells him that the kid seems to be related to Sa Mo and Gwang Taek and really is nuts.

Jin Ki tells her that he is her father, not matter what wwarrior and forever, he will be her father. So we end episode 14 as Dong Soo fights his way through the assassins down to the end of the wharf.


Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

He rushes in, takes out a few assassins, and checks whether the main guard is still alive. On the other hand, the Prince tells him to quit talking smack.

She tells him to get stronger. She goes looking for her father, who has gone to contact Ji.

Lots of stuff happened and we are at a crossroads. Around 20 in total divided into 3 levels. I guess we know whose pic will top that recap! As he starts to throttle Dong Soo, Chun suddenly recognizes warrikr as the boy who stabbed him years earlier. Ji tells him yeah, look how good you were at that protecting thing before, and what the use is it of protecting a grave.

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat As they cross a field, Ji Sun revives enough to ask to be taken back to the Prince. They meet up with Dong Soo, and try to sort out what happened.

Jin Ju motions for Ji Sun to hide while she ventures out. This involves beating the daylights out of him. She takes this a little too literally, and stops eating. Baek was one of the three authors of Muyedobotongjia pivotal martial arts work commissioned by Warrio Jeongjo. Ji tells Jin Ki that Jin Ju has seen her. Dong Soo charges him again, and Chun grabs him by the throat.


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In the end, Chun stabs the Prince. Next Gwang Taek and Sa Mo arrive, shocked at the outcome and bae of the escape. Im dies, kneeling in the forest. When he finally does, her father smirks at her, tells her to catch up to him, and strolls off. This site uses cookies. Hong replies that with Gwang Taek always by his side, the Prince is too well guarded. She begs him to kill her. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Tears are welling aarrior in my eyes just thinking about that hug scene again… Dangit.

Un finally says that this is just fate. Lord Hong hears the reports back from the creepy eppisode, and is frustrated to hear that Gwang Taek is always around the Prince. She wants to toss him into the water.

The boy has not only been trying to save Ji Sun this whole time, but was also worried about Dong Soo.