Fans will likley buy them, others won’t find anything worth more than a rental when everything else is checked out. To quell current uprisings, Sarat wants Alex to return to rule, but as a puppet leader under his control. With Percy absent, Gayna uses her identity to override Caravaggio, and removes the air from Dircott’s quarters, killing him. Daniel D’Or , Philip Jackson. While posing as a criminal bomb expert, Travis learns that 79’s girlfriend Cira, a former Raider, love interest, and rival bounty hunter , is involved in cashing in on 79’s warrant as well. When broadcast in Canada, each episode began with a long message transmission from deLuna usually to Dante , outlining Dante’s current assignment and deLuna’s i. About this product Product Details Edition.

Travis eventually alters time and saves Callie’s life. Dante Montana 25 episodes, Murray Melvin Vienna Xeylon and learn she and Lanzig are one and the same. Devon and his young son Ryan, who have escaped a genetic research facility owned and operated by The Orchard, and are being pursued by The Raiders. Meanwhile, Dante’s partner Lucretia is tasked by her mysterious father Darius to capture a renegade geneticist named Eccleston who may hold the key to the so-called “Divinity Cluster” — a sequence of human genes believed implanted by aliens, and that when activated, unlock incredible superhuman abilities. A former luxury space liner, the Tulip, is now a bounty-hunting vessel commanded by Travis Montana Sunset Beach’s Clive Robertson who searches the galaxy in search of his father.

Season one prompted me to try Starhunter Dante believes Jeb could be his lost son Travis who was kidnapped by the Raiders and he takes him back to his ship for a DNA test. Civilization is a patchwork of a starhuntet worlds, most with weak governments and weaker laws.

Starhunter 2300 – The Complete Series (DVD, 2004, 6-Disc Set)

Definitely worth trying a few hours on. Non crew people and space transport hubs generally refer to the ship as the “Trans-Utopian”.


Instead of helping with repairs, Percy sets to work on creating a new A. He explains that Dante’s deceased wife Penny, once a geneticist on Titanwas close to unlocking the secrets of the Cluster herself and that her experiments on their son Travis, were very important in the research.

Getting in the way are a Mars Federation patrol who claims that Harman is their bounty, as well as a repo-man who wants Dante’s ship because Rudolpho fell behind on his payments. The cast is excellent all around.

Starhunter (TV Series –) – IMDb

A boy genius and his comrades travel to different parallel universes, trying to find their way back home. Dante and Luc go after a ruthless war criminal named Novak who is hiding on Plutoa man Luc says she has a personal vendetta against for his involvement in stqrhunter civil war on Callisto.

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The series was cancelled and then returned 2 years later in this newer installment. Ajit struggles between his loyalty to his mother and Percy’s affections, but eventually helps save Dante from the mind control process which would have eventually killed him. Meanwhile, Percy docks at Clarke Station near Io and Rudolpho, now down on his luck, tries to get his ship back.

It takes place in the distant future when Tthe has become some polluted that humanity has scattered to seriies other planets and the stars. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This second season, “Starhunter ” features much-upgraded special effects, compared to the original Starhunter.


In season 2 that’s set inbounty hunter Travis Montana and his female cousin Percy patrol the galaxy hunting criminals. Lexx Season One Director: Learn more More Like This. Once there, the Tulip encounters a spatial anomaly and the reactors go staehunter.

Debts, jealousy, starhuntwr friends, corrupt officials, mental instability, and ghosts from the past plague the entire crew. See all 2 new other listings. Its universe is interesting; its dark, gritty, sstarhunter atmospheric, but not hopeless. The hunters’ only hope to keep their job, and ship, lies in Morgan, an attorney who freely accepts their case in hopes of exposing Calder of conspiring against the bounty hunters for unknown personal starhuntrr.

If you like this series as much as I did, then you’ll be wishing that it had been allowed to continue. Search for ” Starhunter ” on Amazon. Skip to main content. Gayna, secretly records evidence that Kolsig plans to keep the mineral and overthrow Mars President Morland.

When the bounty gets away, Travis decides to go with Marcus’ plan to use Durenium to power the engines and hopefully achieve hyperspace. The only chance left for escape is to try Xeylon’s device and enter hyperspace.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Aboard is Max, a man who briefly owned the Tulip, and who claims the attack was a weapons malfunction. Using a mind-scanning device disguised as a bracelet, the doctor takes control of Dante’s mind and uses him to seize control of the ship.